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Between the pristine rivers, spectacular valleys and mountain-scapes, getting lost in Montana is a great adventure. Definitely, get out there and explore!
But being truly "lost" in this tough ole' world is not actually that great. In fact, we suggest that perhaps the reason we all seek escape and adventure from time to time is because we have an innate need to experience life in a bigger, better way. No matter where you are from or what your belief system, getting away from the mundane, from the predictable, from pain and stress, and from the daily grind is simply a human drive.
But what happens when you come home and life keeps smacking you around? If the peace and escape we seek is only found in the great wild yonder, that doesn't bode well for coping day in and day out. As much as many of us would love to, we can't just run away every time life gets overwhelming.
Amazing Grace - LeAnn Rimes
Amazing Grace - The Tenors
We didn't create this site because we are delusional enough to think we have all the answers. We are here to respectfully open the discussion and to share what we have personally found to be true. We won't be throwing trite and annoying platitudes your way.
Life as a human on this beautiful planet, with all its challenges, gets complicated and the last thing any of us need is empty rhetoric while someone pats us on the head. And there has been enough of that nonsense going on in religious circles to last us into the next millennia.
So what is this all about? Well, we can't help but share the amazing, life-altering peace that we as flawed people have experienced. It may seem weird, or crazy-religious that we would go to all this trouble, but logically - it's not.
Whether you think we are wrong, right or you couldn't care less, from our perspective, to fail to share what we have found would be like a person finding a cure for cancer and refusing to divulge the "secret" to the world. Now that  would be weird, not to mention unconscionable.
It's obviously your prerogative to take or leave this message and we wouldn't have it any other way. You completely have the right to be on your own spiritual journey, or to deny one entirely.  
But, since you're here......Let's Cut To The Chase.
Amazing Grace - Chris Tomlin
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